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Angel Acres Farm is a family owned farm located in East-Central Missouri. Our herd of Belted Galloway cattle that are pasture raised on an all-natural grass fed diet in a peaceful environment. We believe that the combination of the Belted Galloway breed and grass feeding produces beef with superior taste and nutritional qualities.

Belted Galloway cattle have a long heritage reaching back to the Scottish Highlands in the 16th century. The breed is hardy and adaptable to many environments. They are able to fatten naturally on a pure grass diet. The result is a beef that is tender and flavorful, yet very lean.  When you try some, you will see what beef is supposed to taste like.  At Angel Acres Farm, it is said that when there is a question of beef, the answer is black and white!   Learn more about the Belted Galloway breed here.

Grass fed beef is growing in popularity throughout the world. True grass fed cattle are raised in a natural environment with no growth hormones or feed laced with antibiotic.  Crowding cattle into feedlots is a sure way to get them sick, requiring veterinarian treatments.  Stuffing them with feed that is not natural to their digestive system leads to a fatter meat in the end.  Feed lot fattened beef is lower in Omega 3 than grass fed, making it less desirable for a population concerned about heart attacks and stroke.  The grass fed, free range cow only eats grass and are able to lounge in an open pasture.  The grass fed Belted Galloway takes more time to develop the wonderful product (truly slow-food) sought after by health-conscious consumers.  Grass fed beef yields a healthy, flavorful and environmentally sustainable product. In being considerate of the environmental gifts we have been given, Angel Acres has diversified using sheep, goats, poultry and bees. The pastures are grazed moderately using methods which replenish the soil with nutrients without chemical fertilizers and no need for herbicides or insecticides. Each species takes what it needs and leaves the rest. Our animals are happy to move from grassy paddock to grassy paddock with fresh water, shade and shelter daily.  It is important to stewards of the land that the soil is protected while using it to provide the nutrition necessary for the the cattle.  The intensive grazing plan used at Angel Acres Farm lends itself to the sustainable method of raising cattle.  Taste some today to see what beef is supposed to taste like.

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August 2009
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